Linda Magson

  • Master of Music (UNSW)
  • DSCM (Sydney Conservatorium)
  • AMusA Diploma (Piano)
  • Grad Diplomas in Education
  • Social Communications
  • Counselling & Psychology
  • NLP Master Coach

• It’s never too late to learn the piano or to experience playing the piano again in a new way as an adult.
• I offer sessions in person or online. Experience a unique adult learning approach that is fun, enjoyable and responsive to your needs and interests.It doesn’t require years of learning the piano before you can play the music you want to play. There is always a piece of music for the level you are at.
• My adult learners say my method is a new way of learning the piano, very different to how they learnt as a child, and more fun than they imagined. Adults often want to learn to play particular pieces they know. They’re interested in how music works.
• More information on Linda Magson Music (Piano4adults) can be found on my website:

Balmain East, NSW
0402 073 086
Balmain, NSW
0402 073 086


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