6 week soloing course - sensational results guaranteed

Styles All styles
Skill Level late beginner and upwards
Pricing $30 per half hour

Dominate the Fretboard, or your money back.

This is a fun and focussed 6-week series of breakthrough guitar lessons which will result in you owning the fretboard.

I will teach you a system that, in 6 weeks or less, will result in you being able to do the following:

  • Confidently and quickly identify ALL of the notes on the fretboard.
  • Play with confidence the Major, Minor, Blues, and Pentatonic scales all over the fretboard in a connected, flowing and meaningful way.
  • Play in ANY key in ANY of the seven modes ALL over the fretboard.

I have studied guitar systems for a long time and this method leaves all others for dead in its simplicity and ridiculous power to obtain results. I wish I had been taught this back when I first started. It is fun. It is genuinely easy, and you will have results that you would not think possible. I kid you not.

My number one goal is that you will find yourself truly amazed and excited about what you will achieve in such a very short time, and you won’t be learning difficult and boring patterns to achieve that.

The system I will teach you works so well, my offer to you is this:

If you don’t enjoy a lesson, I refuse to take your money.
If you don’t get inspired by what I show you, you don’t pay.
If you don’t have fun in a lesson, you don’t pay.

So, who I am?
I am a secondary school teacher with 18 years of experience in education and a passion for guitar playing. I love to teach in creative ways that inspire change, promote rapid progress, and end up in success. I hate boring lessons.

I have been playing guitar for a few decades and have privately taught guitar on-and-off over those years when I can fit it in. I have again decided to take on a couple of students.

The kind of student I want to teach:
In the past, some of the students I have taught have been brought along by parents wanting them to try an instrument out and see how they go. That is not the purpose of this particular course. I will be only be taking students who are motivated to learn and are excited to advance. You just need to be past the absolute beginner stage.

If this sounds like you, then let me fan the flame and help you move forward quickly. You should be willing to do at least some practice a few times a week, but the practice will be fun and is not at all heavy. It is more about consistent, short bursts of practice which pay huge dividends in this system. If you are willing to do that, you should find this course super-rewarding. Just last week I showed the content of this course to a 15-year-old relative who then didn't get off the guitar for the next couple of hours because he loved the progress he was making. This is a testimony to the power of this course.

Lessons are $30 per half hour of pure teaching time (I am big on giving value for money, so chatting either side of the lesson is not part of the 30 minutes. You only pay when you are learning).

Also, I am not wanting to go slow and lock in students for ages on end. The plan is to have you levelled up by the end of 6 weeks.

You pay lesson by lesson, not a lock-in pre-paid contract, so there is no pressure to continue and you won't waste your money. You are only paying if you see results.

If you are interested, let me know by email, phone or text. I have a full time job so I will only be taking on a couple of students.

408 Wishart Rd
Wishart, QLD
0432 041 682

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Details last updated on August 13, 2019