Lisa Lockland-Bell

  • Singing Teacher
  • Adjudicator
  • 20 Years of Teaching Experience
  • 20 Years experience as a professional Singer

Do you want to be a better singer?

The LLB Vocal Studio is your opportunity to find out how, and fast track your vocal performance to the next level of success!

Who can have lessons?

Anyone who wants to improve their singing. The LLB Vocal Studio is designed for singers aged 6-96, of all vocal styles and all levels of ability.

There is always something more we can learn!

Who will be teaching me?

Your teacher is Lisa Lockland-Bell, a Master Vocal Coach who knows her craft. You’ll learn so much from Lisa’s wealth of experience as an international and local performer, a highly sought after vocal adjudicator, and as master of her own destiny, having conquered some of life’s greatest challenges.

What is involved?

Singing is an incredibly intimate art form; you are learning to share your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. The value of Lisa’s teaching goes beyond just teaching a good Vocal Technique.

You will learn how to overcome mindset blockages, life challenges and negative self-talk, this then allows the physical, emotional and psychological freedom needed to discover your true voice.

Book in for your first consultation lesson and grow from there.

Lisa has learnt from the world’s best teachers, and invites you to tap into this wisdom in her Vocal Studio.

• Do you want to inspire your audience, every time you sing?

• Do you wish you had more impact and greater confidence?

• Do you dream of receiving a standing ovation?

• Do you know the secret to hitting those high notes every time?

Yes? Then The LLB Vocal Studio is for you.

The Studio Focus:

The finer details of singing – tone, phrasing, breath support, posture, interpretation etc.

Lisa’s techniques on how to hit the high note every time (HINT: It’s never the high note that is the issue!)

Mindset strategies on how to go from good, to great, to world class.

The secret of how to impact your audience, from the moment you step on stage.

Understand how to deliver your song to effectively connect with your audience.

Learn professional stage craft techniques.

Understand what is holding your voice back.

What are you waiting for?

Give Lisa a call TODAY!

Urban Jungle Studio
83 Doggett St
Newstead, QLD
0419 743 958
Lisa Lockland-bell - Vocal Studio
Daisy Hill, QLD
0419 743 958


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