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Develop functional technique in both hands. Acquire a genuine knowledge of the fretboard as it relates to reading traditional notation and tablature. Acquire an understanding of the language of music. Lessons are designed to enable the student to undertake any particular topic of study they may determine. So if it’s time to learn that Ed Sheeran, AC/DC or Greenday tune…
Maybe that Joe Satriani, John Mayer or Pat Metheny solo…
You can choose what you would like to play…all styles catered for.
You can learn how to read music, or get a better grasp of theory.
You might like to join the Guitar Ensemble and play some Bach.
From beginner to intermediate to advanced, these lessons are designed for adult learners who understand that with practice comes progress. Flexible time table to suit you. Weekends available.
Lessons delivered as individual in person one to one and/or online.

Littlehampton, SA
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Details last updated: February 3, 2023