Lizzie Kruse

  • Bachelor of Music

Music has always been a major part of Lizzie’s life. As a child, she learnt piano from her mother, fought her brothers for the “airspace” to sing and soon took on music theory into her academic life. Surrounded and inspired by a family of musicians, her step into the arts was inevitable.

Lizzie’s love of musical theatre and jazz inspired her to begin song writing at the age of 14 and by 17 she had recorded her first EP of original music. To date she has performed in a countless number of festivals, events, operas, musicals etc. including solo, chorus and concert vocal works, as well as accompanying soloists, ensembles and shows for performances and rehearsals.

Lizzie attended the Queensland Conservatorium of Music majoring in Classical Voice. She has worked extensively as a teacher, performer, composer, talent scout and entertainment agent both in Australia and overseas.

During her three and a half year tenure in New York City as a performer and teacher, Lizzie was exposed to all sorts of genres in the musical world, including a large portion of time spent performing with a national Gospel group.

Hailing her origins in jazz, contemporary, gospel, music theatre and opera, Lizzie has the unique ability to teach in whatever genre each individual student prefers.

Working in the music industry itself allows Lizzie to develop new and exciting teaching strategies on a regular basis and incorporate these into each student’s learning program. Furthermore, her experience both on stage as a performer and off stage as a teacher, repetiteur and accompanist is beneficial to each individual’s development and learning.

Lizzie is now based in Berlin, but continues to teach Australian students on Skype. If you are interested in learning how to sing or play the piano from the comfort of your own home over Skype, get in touch!

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