Love To Sing Studios - Melanie de Sousa


Singing training that moves you towards your singing goals and solves your vocal questions.

For BEGINNERS: learn how to sing.
For PROFESSIONALS: get the most out of your voice without losing your sound.

Experienced, Professional, Effective training for Adults and Teens at all singing levels.

Encouraging, inspiring, confidence building Children's Programs.

No Singing Voice is the same, so Lessons are personalised for you. Melanie will focus on what 'your' voice needs:
-- vocal technique
-- confidence as a singer
-- moving from your low voice to high in a smooth way
-- how to approach songs
-- hitting high and low notes with ease
-- vocal rehabilitation
-- looking after your voice for gigs and for the long haul.

Send Melanie an email to receive more detailed information. Note the link to her website above.

Melanie de Sousa - qualified Mentor Instructor for 'The Institute for Vocal Advancement'. (16 years full time teacher)

Singing Lessons available in Highton (Geelong, Victoria) & also long distance via Skype.

Regular Lessons available or one-off Vocal Consultations to work towards a project eg. Recording, Audition, Wedding etc.

Have a chat with Melanie on 0414 973 432 to see how she can help you.

Read about the Institute of Vocal Advancement at

Highton, VIC
0414 973 432


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