Singing lessons

Group Size Groups of up to 10 participants
Styles CCM (contemporary, jazz, blues, folk), classical (beginners), MT
Skill Level all levels
Suitability Ages 4 to 110 years
Pricing 40/half hour or 80/hr. Concession available to fit your budget, or discount packages when buying 3 or more lessons.

I offer individual and group singing lessons. Lessons are tailored to students needs and cover:
-Breath support
-Vocal warm up and function (technical) exercises
-undoing of unconcious habits that create unnecessary tension, overly high speaking voice, or nasality.
-alignment (postural awareness for singing)
-stylistically appropriate techniques for approaching specific repertoire. (CCM(Contemporary Commercial Music), jazz, blues, classical etc.)
-Improvisational skills
-Ear training
-Music theory, sight-reading, notation
-Song writing
-Finding keys to suit range (transposition)
-Repertoire (contemporary/ jazz/folk/blues/classical/MT)
-Preparation for exams (on request), auditions, public speaking, acting roles, performance.
-microphone technique
-addressing performance anxiety
-"The changing voice" (appropriate vocal exercises to support the transition phase of young male voices)
-Accent Method breathing
-recommendation of ENT therapists, speech pathologists, and/or physiotherapists (bodywork practitioners), if required. (Vocology team).

Palmerston Ave, Bronte
Palmerston Ave
Bronte, NSW
Also travelling in the local area
0410 330 363

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Details last updated on February 4, 2021