Luke Hansen

  • Bachelor of Music

With 18 years of experience mastering both guitar and piano, I bring a wealth of musical expertise to my teaching. As a gigging musician, I've toured extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, honing my craft and gaining invaluable insights into various musical styles and cultures. My journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of classical and jazz theory, allowing me to offer comprehensive instruction to my students.

Whether you're aspiring to strum your first chord or seeking to delve deeper into complex musical concepts, my lessons are tailored to meet your individual goals and interests. Drawing from my diverse background and real-world experience, I provide engaging and practical instruction that fosters both technical proficiency and creative expression. Join me on a musical exploration where passion meets skill, and let's unlock your full potential together.

Mcmahons Point, NSW
Travelling in the local area


Details last updated: April 13, 2024