Violin Lessons

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We offer private violin and viola lessons for students and adults of all ages and abilities. Whether you have never played before, or would like to pursue your training into advanced performance, we are here to guide you on the journey. Lesson content is tailored to each student, their learning style, and their specific goals (e.g. for enjoyment, an AMEB exam, a Magnifico family concert etc). To enhance our student's learning experience, we offer free monthly group workshops for each age group and ability. Our adult students have a closed facebook group where they can share tips/tricks and organise social events.

Our teachers:
Each lesson is taught by our highly-trained violin specialist, Jane (pictured). She is dedicated to the experience of each student and ensuring they receive a well-rounded musical education.

Weekly Timetable:
We currently have violin lessons available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Send us a message here to inquire about lesson times.

Lesson Format:
Our private lessons are offered in the following duration:
30 minute - For children new to violin. We find this lesson length the most appropriate for younger ages and their focus.

45 minute - For progressing children aged 11+. This lesson length accommodates for the longer pieces encountered at intermediate level, and allows enough time for practical exam preparation (e.g. AMEB exams).

60 minute - For adult learners and advanced students. An hour lesson allows for a comprehensive exploration of techniques, theory, and performance.

Lesson Fee and Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I require my own violin?
Yes, it is essential to have an instrument at home to practice during the week. Please send us a message we can give advice on rental instruments.

Do you provide group lessons for adults or older students?
We are happy to cater for a group lesson if you have a friend or sibling of the same standard. We provide private tuition mostly, and only formally organise group lessons for our 2-4.5yo age group.

Violin lessons for adults?
Yes, we teach adult learners of all ages and abilities! We'll cover all the fundamentals of violin with you and will work together to play your favourite pieces.

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