Maia Nguyen

  • Bachelor of Arts (music+psychology)
  • Master of Recording Arts

Heya, my name is Maia and I would love to help you on your musical journey as a piano and singing teacher.

I've been teaching piano for 15 years and singing for over 7 years and I love taking my students on their own individual path to find their voice either or both on the piano and as a singer.

As a piano teacher, I help you navigate how to play from a wholistic standpoint and build a foundation so that you can explore both pop/modern and/or classical styles, whatever road you would like to take. It can include reading but it isn’t a must if isn’t something you’re interested in! Piano can be a confusing instrument as it can often be taught in a restrictive manner which is why I like to take a more wholistic approach so you can play songs you love from the beginning :)

The way I teach vocals is about helping you find how to place your voice so that it feels easy and natural and you don't ever strain. From there we can explore the way you would like to sound and how to shape it so.

My own background is a little different for a singing teacher as I myself didn't grow up singing (full of nerves really!). As such I really understand all aspects of the journey first hand and how to go from where you are and where you actually want to be. I was able to work with Roxanne Kiely (Delta Goodrem, Sarah Blasko) for many years which took me on the right path to singing naturally and my own way.

My students have ranged from littlies to adults pursuing their art. Here are some samples of some of my students & artists :)

  • Amritha Shakti:
  • Lyndon James:

My listing is also called a mentorship because I love to help my students navigate the journey music as a whole because there can be so many layers to it and I know too that it's not always easy. This is your time and session and I love to help you find your path from where you are to where you would like to get to :)

I am based in Stanmore (very close to the station) and there a few spots left. If you would prefer, online lessons are available as well.
I recommend 1/2hour lessons for piano and 1 hour lessons for singing (as the time can go by very quickly!) though there are options available for both 30min & 45min class if you would like them.
Rates range from $75-$85/hour depending on weekly or monthly payments.

Please feel free to email or call and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.


Details last updated: April 14, 2024