Mandy Pawlewicz

  • Violin performance
  • viola performance
  • guitar
  • music theory
  • aural skills
  • arrangement

I hold a Bachelor's of Music degree from Elizabethtown College, USA. I have studied violin privately for 10 years, as well as taught private and public lessons through school programs for 7 years. I began viola in college, and am well versed on the techniques of viola performance. I am able to teach a student starting at any level, from beginner through advanced, and will work with the student at their pace to help them as much as possible. If you or your student already has books or pieces they are working on, I would be happy to work with them on those. If they would like suggestions or to expand their horizons in the musical world, I would also be capable of helping them with that.

While I am a violin/viola primary teacher, I am also qualified to instruct in other instruments up to the intermediate levels. If you or yor student would like to receive music theory lessons, my degree also covered that up to Music Theory 4, as well as arrangement instruction.

I will be teaching 1 hour long minimum lessons at $70 an hour. I reside in Lathlain at the moment, and rely on public transportation. The suburbs accessible to me are:
Victoria Park
Queen's Park
East Perth

If you live outside these suburbs, and would still like me to provide lessons to you or your student, please feel free to contact me and we can see if we can negotiate an appropriate rate.

If you would like to visit my website, please go to:

Lathlain, WA
Travelling in the local area
0436 343 925


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Details last updated on January 6, 2020