Marcus Hu

Greetings everyone!
I am musician coming from a cello background, and I major in composition. Writing music is something that has been with me for around 8 years now. During this journey I was able to study regularly first with Richard Gill, a revered music educator, then Jack Symonds, an emerging composer - such studies gave me increasing insight into the way music works, and played critical parts in my development as a composer.

While composition was the main driver of my musical journey, I received a versatile and intensive specialist music education at the Conservatorium High School in Sydney. During this time, I had opportunities to work in wonderful musical projects, from scoring for a short film "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" in a cooperative project with the Australian Film Television and Radio School, to being a chorister in the Australia Day choirs, and being member of the String Quartet for Prince Edward when he chaired the 2019 Edinburgh Awards in Sydney. As such, the diversity of these experiences convinced me of the importance of developing the overall musician.

I believe in the critical role of music teaching, as I think it is a first and foremost way to further people's interest and enthusiasm in the imaginary sonic world. Recently I was admitted to the Sibelius Academy in composition for my bachelors, and I believe that while I will be developed as a composer, I hold music education to be an inseparable part of my future. That is why, it is never too early for me to start sharing my knowledge of music through teaching.

Because of my composition background, I personally find composition analysis to be wonderfully intriguing and rewarding. Revealing the inner workings of a musical piece not only provides me with compositional concepts, more importantly it reinforces the appreciation of music and allows for the listener to connect more to it. With this in mind, I believe that a firm knowledge of music theory is basic and necessary to undertaking musical analysis.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Inspired by this cliché Benjamin Franklin quote, I think then, what better way is there to engage people in music other than creating music? Therefore, complementary to music theory, I would engage lesson-takers in basic composition that aims to reinforce learned concepts, where possible. Personally, I have experienced this aspect in my lessons with Mr Gill, and I have found that immensely enjoyable to do.

In addition to teaching music theory, I would love to also tutor music theory. Many times one doesn't start with music theory completely anew, and I am more than happy to share and help in wherever aspects of music theory that I know!

That's everything, folks! Thank you for reading!

Additional information: I currently hold a Working with Children Check, expiry date 27/5/2026

Details last updated: February 3, 2023