Violin Lessons

Styles Classical
Skill Level Beginner to advanced
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
Pricing $100 per lesson(one hour) $85 for beginner (40 min lesson or 2x 20 min lessons pw for beginner)

I always start with technique, scales, studies, bowing exercises and these can take up to 75% of the lesson..I believe in building on the right foundation! Once the technique is securely in place then I believe the student can learn repertoire much quicker.
I also prepare my students for performances, in fact I organise performances regularly so that the students become used to performing in public and overcoming nerves and shyness. They must always perform without music also, to enable them to focus more on expression and phrasing, rather than burying their heads in the score. I am passionate about violin playing, and want my students to be also!

4/10 Kimberley St
West Leederville, WA
0407 555 067

Details last updated on June 5, 2019