Maria Welna- Concert pianist: Virtuoso piano lessons, recitals, masterclasses

  • BMuS (piano performance) Katowice
  • MMusSt (perf.) Sydney
  • Performance practice specialist
  • Guest lecturer-piano performance practice
  • Pedagogical qualifications - Europe
  • Principles of Studio Pedagogy unit (Sydney)
  • Presenter at international/national conferences

Learn piano, pipe organ or professional development with an internationally renowned soloist, dedicated pedagogue and experienced adjudicator. I hold postgraduate degrees from elite European and Australian conservatories. I maintain an artistic practice as an internationally renowned concert pianist and performance practice specialist, performing some of the world's most beautiful repertoire. Youtube channel:

For full bio and artistic CV please visit:

Lessons are taught online (via zoom) and face-to-face in Lugarno/Peakhurst and Sydney CBD (Sydney Conservatorium Open Academy only runs during term time).

Please email to book your lesson time slot, providing your name, location and overview of your previous piano background.

Described as a "consummate professional", I believe in teaching for excellence in a creative manner. Students develop a repertoire rich approach focussing on learning with understanding. I welcome committed students for ongoing study/regular lessons. Levels taught are from committed beginners through to advanced and diplomas (adults, teenagers and children over age 6+ ). Minimum lesson duration taught for most students is 60 minutes. Longer durations may become available for select advanced students admitted to an intensive program (Lugarno/Peakhurst studio only as well as online). A special intensive program for committed beginners may run in studio - please check for availability.

In addition, I offer one-on-one piano professional development for musicians, piano, voice and instrumental teachers. If you're a teacher, please see the PD section for more details.

My curriculum (whether for exams or improvement of musical skills) is based on excellent performance practice standards. For committed students, it develops quality skills, creativity, effective practice strategies and a growing sense of independent learning and learning with understanding (where relevant). This ensures superior student achievements not only for all forms of external assessment but as a skill that will be retained for life in a healthy manner. I also teach students to value the importance of healthy technique, (which in addition to proficiency, also encompasses tone production, phrasing, stylistic refinement and musicianship), repertoire, musical understanding and performance temperament.


My musical pedigree can be traced to world-renowned music conservatories, and a long list of distinguished concert artists/professors from Europe and the U.S.A Furthermore, as a performance practice specialist, I myself specialise in the golden age of pianism and its concert-virtuoso tradition.

I hold Bachelor and Master's degrees in performance from the K. Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice (the alma mater of Krystian Zimerman) and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I also have teaching qualifications (for teaching instrumental music in primary and secondary music schools), wide education experience and pedagogical knowledge. I've taught advanced piano in selective music schools for gifted children in Europe, maintained a piano studio in Australia, taught voice and acted as a music director/répétiteur for many years, completed a postgraduate ‘Principles of Studio Pedagogy’ unit at the Sydney Conservatorium and have experience as a piano adjudicator/examiner within NSW and ACT (at all levels i.e., from P Plate piano to 8th grade AMEB as well as Certificate of Performance). Since 2014, I teach piano at the Sydney Conservatorium Open Academy and am a member of the Accompanists’ Guild of NSW.

I have years worth of instrumental pedagogy experience (all as a tertiary degree qualified performer and teacher), years of professional industry experience and a performance background as a concert pianist and chamber musician at elite levels. I’m experienced with exam syllabuses such as AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity College London. I have given guest lectures at the tertiary level and lecture/recitals within my fields of expertise at international and national institutions. I am familiar with the classroom music curriculum (particularly HSC Music 2/Extension and its performance component). During my own high school years in Australia, I was a music scholarship student at a selective music school (for piano, voice, violin, pipe organ, composition) contributing to school life through many selective ensemble, solo performance and accompaniment commitments.

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