Mariana Atamas

  • Artist Diploma
  • B.A.&M.M
  • Certificate in Performance

I'm a professional violinist, innovative pedagogue and Tango expert.
My aim is to provide you with a pleasant, high quality learning experience, developing a healthy and happy relationship with the violin so that you can enjoy and express yourself through music.
I'm passionate about every one of my activities as they were born as a result of my wide experience as a multicultural musician - born and raised in Ukraine (Artist Diploma), having lived and studied in Argentina (B.A.&M.M.) and also in United States (Certificate in Performance, DePaul Univ., Chicago). Despite being familiar with so many fruitful and different methodologies, my search for freedom of expression found its way just when my need of feeling completely comfortable with the violin was finally satisfied. Though, I've developed my own methodology, combining the means offered by the finest violin schools and all the alternative, related disciplines such as Alexander Technique, Yoga, and Meditation working all together towards the importance of knowledge of our body, awareness of the self, need for enjoyment and educational relationship centered on student needs.
I'm confident I can help to optimize and benefit your performance, health, wellbeing as well as teaching skills by integrating body, mind, emotions and instrument into one - a balanced and fulfilled artist.

Details last updated: October 18, 2023