Marina Amélie Pelizzaro

  • Master degree in “Biennium II level for the training of teachers“; Bachelor in clarinet; Scientific Diploma (high school)

I graduated with honors in the Conservatory “C. Pollini“ of Padua, followed by the Master Rocco Carbonara.
In 2006 I won the 2nd prize at the XV
edition of the contest Lorenzo Negri at the Civic School of Music in Casatenovo (LC). Since 2005 I worked as
first clarinet with clarionet Ensemble, a chamber music group with which I have performed in prestigious events.
In 2011 I formed the “ Quartet“ with which I distinguished myself in several competitions.
I graduated with honors in “Biennium II level for the training of teachers“ (aa 2013-2015) at the Conservatory
C. Pollini of Padua and has conduct in the year 2015/2016 the active internship (TFA) earning a teaching
degree in clarinet and music in state schools.
From October to June 2015 I attended an annual master class with the Master Vincenzo Paci (first clarinet
in the orchestra of the theatre “La Fenice” of Venice) at the Cultural Association Farandola of Pordenone.

I started singing in the church choir at the age of 7 and continued until 22, also forming an independent
vocal group “Parva lux“ with fellow singers with which holds concerts and competitions.
I began studying modern singing from 2013 when I enrolled in the class of Antonino Rodà at the Civico Corpo
musicale of Vimercate. I then continued my studies with the soprano Cecilia Marinelli in Padua in 2014 and in 2015
with Serena Ferrara, vocal trainer and jazz singer. In the year 2015 participated at Novara Gospel Workshop with
the gospel singer, vocal coach and professional vocalist Wayne Ellington.
Still in the year 2015 I participated as a stage in vocal technique and interpretation conducted by Lena Biolcati and
Silvia Di Stefano, organized by the Association Brotherhood Gospel Choir.

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