Marina Poša | Vocal Mentor

  • Diploma of Music - three year course.

As a passionate singer, my journey in music began at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, where I specialised in Vocal Studies. With years of experience as a performer and teacher, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and helping others find their true voice. My pursuit of vocal truth took me on an international adventure, studying in Italy, England, and Switzerland, and gaining insights into diverse vocal techniques and pedagogy. This journey has greatly influenced my teaching approach, emphasizing vocal freedom, emotional expression, and a deep connection to music. I believe in the power of gentle exercises that promote breath flow and release tension, enabling students to achieve their unique goals and unleash their full potential. If you are seeking to embark on your own singing journey, I am here to guide you towards discovering the power of your voice and celebrating the joy of music.
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18 Glenrich Street
Corinda, QLD


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