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Mark Johnson

General Details

Acoustic Guitar Lessons:

I have been playing guitar for around 15 years and teaching for about 7 years. I can teach from basics all the way to advanced. In my lessons students will learn aural and technical skills. They will also learn applicable theory so they can play music and understand what they are playing. Students are able to learn pop, jazz, fingerstyle, blues, classical or any style that takes their fancy.

Electric Guitar Lessons –

These lessons are similar to acoustic guitar lessons. Students will learn theory, technique, aural skills and will also learn about their equipment. For example, they will learn about pedals, amps, how to get the right tone etc. Students are able to learn Jazz, Rock, Blues or anything that you want.

Piano –

Another instrument that I teach is basic piano. Students are able to learn a variety of different genres and will learn the foundations of piano. They will learn skills like reading music, scales, aural and get to play lots of fun songs.

Ukulele –

Mark Johnson Music School offers basic ukulele lessons. students will learn all the fundamentals of playing the ukulele like holding it correctly, string names, chords, notes, strumming etc. They can learn how to play picking and strumming songs.

These details were last updated on April 28, 2018