Ukulele Lessons

Styles All styles including Classical, Pop, Jazz, Fingerstyle, Rock etc.
Skill Level Beginner
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
Pricing $35 per lesson (30 minutes)

Ukulele is a highly versatile instrument that can be played anywhere. It is a good way of relaxing and a great outlet while developing fine motor skills. It allows for the use of imagination and the potential to be part of a band or ensemble.

Things Students will learn in class:
As a musician, there are 5 different areas that we want to develop. we want to work on our theory, technique, ear training, songs and improvisation. In my lessons, students learn to read notes and tabs as well as work out things by ear. They learn everything from holding their ukulele right to things like strumming and picking.

Johnson Music School can tailor lessons to your needs whether you want to play lots of picking or strumming songs. You can choose a certain genre that you want to specifically learn from, or you are able to play a wide variety of music.

Students can learn one of two ways. They are welcome to have the standard lesson that most music schools will use (Adults usually choose this approach). On the other hand, they can use games to accomplish the goals of enjoyment and learning (great for children, but also fun for adults). We have developed a successful way of linking games and learning through using the likes of Pokemon cards. Students 'level up' and use their musical abilities to achieve goals and quests in the lesson. This Gamification process has seen outstanding results as far as students' interest in learning music, musical growth and practice.

8 Wistaria Place, Blacktown
209/30 Campbell Street, Blacktown
Blacktown, NSW
0432 633 453 or 0411 774 361

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Details last updated on June 19, 2020