Online Mentoring for Musicians

Styles Popular, Modern
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

A tailored program, custom built for you.

Our unique online mentoring program gives you the choice of one off or regular scheduled sessions - as often as you need to achieve your goals.

All you need is a tablet or computer. We use Zoom, which is similar to Skype or FaceTime - it’s a free download for iPad or android tablets, and accessible through a browser on any laptop or desktop computer.

Our studio set up allows Martin to switch between cameras so you can clearly see him and the instruments up close.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, a teenager or an adult, Martin will quickly assess the knowledge and skills you need, and create a customized program specific to your level and goals.

Take advantage of his twenty plus years of teaching experience at the piano, along with his multi-instrumental abilities (guitar, bass and drums) and extensive knowledge of popular music, from current charts to the last six decades of music.

Learn to listen in ways that will allow you to translate what you hear to your instrument. Play melodies, chords and progressions in any key. Understand song structure, time and rhythm. Avoid obstacles, and learn new ways to reinforce your learning and make the best use of your time.

Testimonials -

"...his method is amazing...this is how music should be taught..."

"...a completely new approach to my musical education..."

"...teaching first principals but then launching into future possibilities..."

“…his ability to tap into the needs of his students and tailor a program that quickly embeds learning and inspires curiosity and motivation is second to none…”

“…he imparts a love for music, and finds a solution that works for you – a very customised approach…”

“…I could not recommend him any more highly…'

Personable and friendly, Martin loves music and teaching in equal measure, and is focused on communicating the knowledge and skills you need.

Martin has a limited number of spaces available for new students. Take advantage of his twenty plus years of teaching experience and be in touch today to secure your space.

Contact Deb on 0425 759 266

Kew, VIC
0425 759 266
Hawthorn, VIC
0425 759 266
Hawthorn East, VIC
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Camberwell, VIC
0425 759 266
Canterbury, VIC
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Balwyn, VIC
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