Martin Hemingway

  • Bachelor of Music Performance with Honours Conservatorium of Music Melbourne University
  • Licentiate of Music Australia (LMusA)
  • Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL)
  • Master of International Development
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Major)

I am an enthusiastic musician who has performed regularly over the last fifteen years as a saxphonist with classical orchestras (Melbourne Symphony, Orchestra Victoria, Malaysian Philharmonic), jazz ensembles, and rock bands, and also perform as a singer/songwriter (guitar, piano, saxophone) in an original epic folk-rock band.

I have extensive teaching experience, from primary through to tertiary level. (current/past employers include: University of Melbourne, VCA, St. Kevins College, Melbourne Grammar, PEGS, Mt Clear Secondary College)

I love having the opportunity to share my enthusiasm, skills & passion with students of all ages.

My approach to teaching is based around getting to know each student, what types of music students like & what sorts of things they would like to learn.

I think for beginners/young students it's especially important that they have lots of fun when playing -> if this happens, they/you will want to practice more, and not think of it as a chore, but something that they/you love doing, and want to do.

I like to incorporate technical exercises that relate to the pieces that are being learnt, so that there is always relevance to what is being done.

I also like to work on versions of music that students select/have input into themselves (eg their favourite songs etc), as this seems to give them more ownership over the process.

I have a range of exciting material that I incorporate into lessons, and have recommended listening for inspiration :)

I also like to make use of FREE compositional & recording software which can help to enhance students' creativity.

I have flexible teaching times.

I also love volunteer work, hiking, sport, yoga, reading and cooking.

Melbourne, VIC
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