Guitar lessons - Beginners/Intermediate

Styles Rock, blues, pop - acoustic or electric guitar
Skill Level Advanced
Suitability Ages 12 years and up
Pricing $45/hour

Is your guitar gathering dust in the corner or under the bed? It has only six strings, 22 frets and 12 notes - but what on earth do you do with them all?

Well, I'd be happy to show you... I'm offering lessons for beginners or intermediate players for electric or steel-string acoustic guitar, teaching rhythm, chord and lead-guitar theory and practice. Topics include chords, intervals, ear-training, scales, barre chords, pentatonic scales, blues shuffle, power chords, 7th chords, transcribing songs..etc, etc...

Floreat, WA
Also travelling in the local area

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Details last updated on June 16, 2019