Maryana Shukurova

Maryana has been playing classical piano for more that 30 years and holds a Bachelor of Music (Major in Classical Performance) degree, from the Australian Institute of Music, Sydney. She is also a Professional member of Queensland Music Teachers Association and a Piano teacher at St.Benedict's College, QLD.

She has performed at the John Paint Hall (Australian Institute of Music), St. Andrew’s Cathedral (Sydney) and with the Sydney Youth Orchestra (Sydney Conservatorium).

She is a very dedicated, methodical and hardworking pianist and teacher. Currently she teaches Piano, Piano for Leisure, Theory of Music, Basic Knowledge, Musicianship and Aural skills at her private and well equipped studio “Maryana’s Piano Studio” at Petrie, QLD.

Her friendly and bubbly nature, coupled with her patience and persistence, helps her students to overcome their shyness and build their confidence while learning with her. She believes that to be able to play piano proficiently, her students should be able to read, count and play music fluently. Her teaching method not only emphasises a strong foundation in music, but also encourages creativity in her students.

Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Age Groups: from 4 years old onwards to adults.


Details last updated: February 3, 2023