Matthew Young

  • Associates Degree of Applied Music Performance

I have been singing for 13 years and playing piano for 5.

I've been a vocal teacher for just under 3 years working with a range of styles from Soul/Jazz to Opera and Classical. I really love helping people discover their artistry, but also understand their craft. Very rarely do singers have an understanding of what's going on inside their voice to have it make the sounds that it does. Knowing this information though can help free people up to sing exactly how they want with ease.

I have completed my associates degree in applied music performance and am currently experimenting with my own original music under the name of 'Hejduk'

I love to work with my students in achieving their goals within music and especially love to song write with them. I have my own home music studio where i recorded a lot of the recent album i just released.

20 Holmwood Crescent
Doreen, VIC
0430 989 380


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