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Maty Young

General Details

WAAPA Bachelor of Music, AMEB graduate, Jazz WA High School Jazz Bands competition winner in performance 2002, DUX Music 2003, WAAM school teacher, Performed in: 'iCandy', 'Replay', 'Karma', 'Soothe', 'GrooVe', 'Valet', 'The Insatiables', 'Jazz In The Theatre 08', 09'', Pit musician, 'RENT' the Musical with David King, 09', Composed and released album for Perth band 'Caprycon' 2011, Composer for independent short film 'G.H' 2010, Composer for devised short theatre 'Roses Are Black' 2011


****Melbourne CBD and ALL surrounding suburbs******

WAAPA and AMEB Graduate and owner⁄operator of YoungOne Studio

Enquire with your location and Mathew will get back to you with a time and day that best suits your availability.

Performing and recording artist Maty J’s lessons will take you somewhere slightly different from the sounds of classical and the styles you typically affiliate with piano. Maty’s lessons will introduce you to a swinging funk filled world of modern piano sounds and techniques. A feel and tone that is heavily grounded in the contemporary genres of funk and blues, soul and rnb and even fusion jazz. It is music thats both energetic and fun and above all, is designed to be performed.

Leaning practical, actual, and most importantly, usable musical tools is rewarding and gives you both a musical freedom and ability to play and communicate with other artists making it a very social hobby, passion or career.

Mathew is an AMEB graduate, High School Jazz Bands competition winner, ex West Australian Academy of Music teacha and Walther School of Music teacher; as well as a former W.A.A.P.A Bachelor of Music student.

Since playing piano from the age of 5 Mathew has played in many, many Perth and Melbourne bands, composed, worked as a band leader and taught not only as a private teacher but as a mentor to classes and larger groups.

After graduating his final AMEB exam at the age of 16, and having undergone studies at world renowned Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Mathew has performed with some of the countries, and worlds, greatest live and recording artists. He is currently performing, teaching and composing around Melbourne.

Lessons incorporate:

* Practical aural and performance techniques

* Jazz chord theory and dynamic modern swing feel

* Modal scale theory

* Fast and effective ways to read both conventional music and lead sheets

* Blues forms and improvisation techniques

* How to play competently with other musicians in a band or just for a jam

* Mathew does pre-W.A.A.P.A and music Conservatorium audition preparation. 4 students have continued on to become graduates from one of the worlds foremost music conservatories.

Each lesson is specifically designed for you, to work with how you hear and understand music. Mathew will tailor each lesson to make sure you are never bored or overloaded with boring exercises and drills.

Whether for fun, as a hobby, to jam competently, to compose or to perform at a professional level, these lessons will be tailored to suit your needs.


Minimum age is 14

Maximum age, none

Level: From beginners right up to performers wanting some advice or a different ear and new ideas.

All you need is a plastic sleeved folder to keep everything in order and we’re good to go! Work sheets provided, some books will need to be purchased as lessons advance.

$50ph, either your address or Mathew’s home studio located in Brunswick

Simply email me with an enquirey, we will organise your first lesson, and away we go.

Recent and past performance experience:

‘iCandy’, ‘Replay’, ‘Karma’, ‘Soothe’, ‘GrooVe’, ‘Valet’, ‘The Insatiables’, ‘Jazz In The Theatre 08’, 09’‘, Pit musician for ‘RENT’ the Musical with David King 09’, Composed and released album for Perth band ‘Caprycon’ 2011, Composer for independent short film ‘G.H’ 2010, Composer for devised short theatre ‘Roses Are Black’ 2011 and ‘Receivers’ 2014. Tropfest entrant for Tropscore 2014. ‘Kaydium’ 2015, ‘The Board Walk Band’ 2015

For more information please visit out website:

or on soundcloud:

Everything you hear in these recordings was achieved entirely by pianos and keyboards.

Hear from you soon!


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