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Understand Your Unique Voice Type and Start Singing the Songs that You Love!

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Your singing voice is a deeply personal instrument. It’s as unique as your own fingerprint, and no one can sing exactly how you do.

But when your body is the instrument, your singing voice can feel intangible and difficult to use.

Often, first-time singers come to me, believing they’re stuck with common problems such as:

a thin, breathy voice

a tendency to yell, push and struggle for notes.

tension in their throat

limited range or power

losing air when they sing or feeling out of breath.

being able to sing with the lower part and the upper registers of their voice but struggle to sing in the middle without flipping, cracking or pulling.

Good news! You aren’t stuck!

With time, patience, practice and the right learning method you can begin the journey of building a balanced, healthy and expressive singing voice.

The first step to unlocking your voice is to understand your unique Voice Type.

Book a 45 min vocal assessment with Max below to find out what yours is, and learn to sing the music you love!


We’ll discuss your musical history (if any), your singing goals and the music you most love to sing.

We’ll assess your singing voice, discover your specific Voice Type and how the habits of this Voice Type are influencing the way you sing.

We’ll give you practical tools to begin balancing your voice, show you how to apply these tools to a song of your choice.

You’ll receive a free recording of our session with exercises you can use to begin tackling your goals!

Book a free 40 min Vocal Assessment with Max now!

No experience needed. Beginners always welcome!


Max Noakes is a Certified IVA Vocal Coach (Institute of Vocal Advancement).

He has trained with Master Teacher Spencer Welch (Canada) as well as top tier coaches such as Sue Kingham (Australia) and Andreas Grussl (Austria). He has worked as Music Teacher for over 16 years, both privately and in schools such as Wesley College and MLC as a guitar teacher.

Max also has a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in Creative Writing at Curtin University where he has also taught. This gives him a unique understanding of the impact of lyrics/narrative within songs, which means he is often sought out for coaching advice on beginner’s lyric-writing and song-writing as well as performance projects such as performing for marriage proposals, performing at weddings and gigs.


“I'm a 53 yr old first time music student and I am so grateful that I stumbled across Max. He's a totally brilliant teacher. He's patient, talented and is always positive. No matter how slow my progress, I always leave the lesson feeling like I am making progress. As an educator, I know what to look for in a high quality teacher. Max has those attributes in spades. If you're an over 50, or a parent looking for a teacher for your child (or anyone in between) I think you'll be hard pressed to find a better music teacher than Max!”


Went to Max late December just wanting to get a tune up on my voice, and he’s coached me in so much. Ranging from volume to breathing exercises and techniques etc. he’s super welcoming and would recommend him to anyone! Absolutely love each lesson as he makes it super fun and enjoyable!


“Couldn't of found a better teacher, Max is always bringing out the best in my girl, he has built so much confidence in her, and makes her dig deep every week, with tremendous reward.”


Details last updated: March 25, 2024