Megan O'Neill (AmusA, LmusA, BEng (Hons))

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Hi! My name is Megan and I love teaching! I am a piano teacher based in Newcastle, NSW.

I have taught piano as well as accompanied, since the age of 15. My job is rewarding and inspiring, and I have received great feedback over the years. I strive to meet every individual's needs since my aim is to allow them to be captivated by music the same way it has captivated me, whether one wants to learn to play music by ear or learn to read music, plus everything in between!
I received my Associate Diploma of Music Australia in piano performance in 2003, and my Licentiate Diploma of Australia in 2015, have won various Eisteddfod championships throughout the years, performed in, arranged for and conducted various ensembles, and played with James Morrison and Todd McKenney in 2012..

Please call me on 0438 634 266
or look me up on facebook (Megan O'Neill Piano)

I look forward to meeting my next student :)

Details last updated on January 23, 2020