Megan Yang

  • LmusA Violin
  • LmusA Piano
  • BMusA (Perf) in Violin

Miss Megan graduated from the Conservatorium of Music High School and recently completed her Bachelor of Music (Performance in Violin) degree at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She achieved her AmusA in both Piano and Violin at the age of 13 and LmusA in Violin at the age of 15. Megan also achieved a perfect score for her HSC Music Extension Course, which led to a nomination for the ENCORE showcase at the Sydney Opera House.

She is currently the music director at the International School of Music Killarney Heights.

In 2021, she will be commencing her Masters of Music Studies degree at the Sydney Conservatorium, participate in multiple AYO programs as a principal violinist, and advance her studies through the MSO Fellowship program. She thoroughly enjoys working with young children and hopes to share her passion for music with them.

Willoughby, NSW
0434 721 238


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