Drum Kit & Latin Percussion

Styles World Music, Jazz Music, Funk Music, Pop Music...
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
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Sincere thanks for stopping by and reading this information.

My love and passion for music is unyielding. Playing drums and percussion is an amazing, spiritual feeling. I’m happy to say that music has sent me to many places of the world.

After devoting a decade of my life in Europe, where I studied & performed the art of music, and where I lived in an immense, culture enriched society, I eventually returned to Australia. I returned, equipped with knowledge and experience of the European Culture, and I am extremely eager to share this information to the music community here in Melbourne. I returned to Australia, on Dec 27th, 2013, and spent the past 4 years, performing on the East Coast of Australia, and also on International Cruise Ships. These 4 years included teaching to a fabulous network of students, of varying ages, in Brisbane.

Music, the Arts, and Culture is an integral part of every person’s life. For example, try to imagine a world without music……no radio……nothing.

The development and understanding of Music, Arts, and Culture, allows for people to increase an understanding of their community and their surroundings.

”Music is communication, expression, and it brings people together”.

With this last quote in mind, I would like to share, how I view the art of “teaching and sharing music”.

Learning a Musical Instrument is spiritually uplifting and playing Drums or Percussion, is a huge amount of fun. I love playing Drums & Percussion. Learning an instrument challenges our physical co-ordination, it challenges our mind and it challenges our soul. Through my years, I have experienced and I have witnessed, that these learning steps can be small, yet other times, larger.

Teaching and guiding people on their musical path towards communication and expression is truly rewarding. It requires patience, understanding, encouragement, and an awareness that we as teachers, are sharing knowledge….the students educate the teachers too.

For the drumming and percussion students, I aim to share:

• The art of expression, that comes in the form of subtleness and dynamics, which requires an extended development of “skill” and a focus on “craft”.

• This skill development comes in the form of rudimentary lessons, whilst the perfection of craft comes with the awareness of timbre.

• The art of reading music. As with all languages, the ability to read and write, enhances the ability of expression.

• Learning a list of repertoire, a “songbook” that allows the musicians to be equipped for the world of performance.

• Foremost, I aim to assist the learning musician, the ability to speak through their instrument, to allow them to express themselves in the language that is known and accepted as the language of the drum kit, or the language for Latin percussion.

Thank you for showing an interest in my journey, I truly hope to be able to assist you on yours.

At my website, you can find more information: http://www.melbournedrumlessons.co/


Stephen C.

100 Mt. Alexander Road
Flemington, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0403 864 043

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