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Melbourne Voiceworks is passionate about helping individuals of all ages and levels to develop the skills necessary to confidently and effortlessly sing the music they love!

At Melbourne Voiceworks we understand that behind every voice is a human that yearns to be heard and understood. We believe that in order to harness the full potential of any voice, we need to not only nurture the development of the voice, but the development of the mind and emotional centre that carries the voice beyond the purely technical realm.


Lisa Flynn is the founder and director of Melbourne Voiceworks. Lisa has a lot of experience performing in both original and cover bands across multiple styles of music. She has performed in duo’s, trios and big bands (consisting of 12 plus instrumentalists), and was recently selected to represent Australia as a vocalist at the World Championship of Performing Arts held in Los Angeles.

Lisa’s performance experience and studies have enabled her to acquire a solid understanding of a broad range of vocal styles and techniques necessary to master them.
Lisa holds a Bachelor of Music, Advanced Diploma of Jazz/Popular music and Diploma of Jazz/Popular Music.


As part of her increased interest in voice science, she has recently completed levels 1 & 2 of Estill voice training, obtained her Estill certificate of Figure Proficiency and is currently undergoing testing to become a certified Estill Master Teacher.

Estill voice training is a model used by vocalists and voice professionals worldwide. The model encourages independent control of the structures within the larynx responsible for generating voice, and components of the vocal tract (or throat) responsible for regulating resonance.

Developing an understanding of how to voluntarily control the structures of the voice, vocalists are empowered by the inherent freedom, control and flexibility to realize the true potential of their voice, without straining or compromising the health of the voice. As the model is based on voice science, there is no aesthetic bias and is appropriate for all music genres, both speaking and singing.


Lisa has an innate ability to make students feel at ease. She utlises various techniques which she has acquired through her attendance of short courses, workshops, and via her ongoing research to assist students in addressing performance anxiety issues and assisting them in building confidence. Lisa will work together with each student to find the most beneficial approach to assist students in breaking free of their inhibitions.

Mindset transformation tools are used to shift limiting beliefs and any negative thinking patterns into nurturing, self-loving ones that benefit both your singing and your life. Lisa is dedicated to helping students achieve their vocal goals while supporting the individual behind the voice.

Lisa caters for all ages, complete beginner to advanced. All skills are developed in a safe, nurturing and holistic manner. Above all, they are designed to be fun!

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