Melinda Coles Strings Tutor - Cello

Styles Classical, Celtic, Bluegass, Folk
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate,

I am a highly knowledgeable, creative and resourceful Music Teacher with experience in developing students’ interest in and appreciation of music through teaching theory, history and practical skills

Teaching private and group lessons, assessing Students' progress and performance

Planning and preparing lessons, preparing term lesson Timetables and music Reports each semester

Providing constructive feedback and guidance to Students

Maintaining order and discipline during ensemble rehearsals and performances

Communicating with parents, teachers and other professionals, both formally and informally

Overseeing and supervising extracurricular music activities

Deciding on the most appropriate teaching methods to suit the particular needs of each student

1 Woodville Place, Yatala Qld 4207
1 Woodville Place, Yatala Qld 4207
Yatala, QLD
+61 402 266 480

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Details last updated on April 5, 2019