Melissa Margaritis

  • (Hons) AMEB Piano; Bch of Primary Education

Melissa has been teaching piano privately for over 12 years and is extremely passionate with educating her students in music and performance.

Holds a Bch of Primary Education from the University of Melbourne and in 2002 completed her AMEB Piano studies. Melissa's individual lessons with children also provide engaging tuition in a warm & welcoming environment.

All students learn to sight, hear, read, understand and appreciate every aspect of music form. As students advance, they will study performance, composition and improvisation through practical, activity-based and aural lessons.

Melissa has instilled confidence, imagination & enlightenment through her student's piano performance and development. It is a privilege to see her own student's continue to excel and acquire great skills in technique, composure and music interpretation.

Northcote Rd, Armadale
Armadale, VIC
0413 046 021


Details last updated on April 27, 2016