HSC Music Tutoring

Styles HSC Musicology & Aural Skills
Skill Level HSC Music 1, 2 & Ext

Tuition to strengthen knowledge of the concepts of music and application of these concepts to HSC music exams and written major works. A comprehensive plan of action will be created in consultation with the student to achieve and excel in all learning outcomes well ahead of assessment deadlines.

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Musicology Essays - Advice on Topic Selection, Research Skills, Thesis Development, Proofreading/Editing, Score Analysis

Music Exams - Help with Score Analysis, Aural Skills, Music Theory, Exam Strategies, Revision Notes, Practice Questions and Feedback

Melissa was a top performing Music 2 & Ext student in the 2010 HSC where she gained full marks in Music Ext and Band 6 in Music 2. She was nominated for Encore in every category of work presented (nominated for performance, composition and musicology) and her essay was selected as an exemplary specimen and published in the Encore program. Since then Melissa has graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she studied a Bmus in Jazz performance. On graduation Melissa received the Donald Peart Memorial Prize in Music awarded to the most outstanding student who demonstrates scholarly excellence and creativity in both musicology and performance. Melissa loves to read, research and write about music and has been studying a Masters in Musicology at McGill University in Montreal.

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