MELODIQUE Singing Piano Teacher (Andrea Wells)


Welcome to MELODIQUE singing and piano school based in Wollongong. Whether you are a professional or simply curious about music, you will love your lessons here. All ages and stages are welcome. Just learn for fun or prepare for a special performance. Your lessons are tailored to you and your goals.

MELODIQUE singing lessons can help you:

** INCREASE YOUR RANGE: Can't hit high notes? Learn correct technique and vocal exercises to increase your range.

** BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE: Enjoy private and personalized lessons that allow you to improve at your own pace. Enjoy patient, positive and honest feedback.

** LEARN PROPER VOCAL TECHNIQUE: Learn Breath control, Soft Palate Control, Projection, Diction, Phrasing, and more. You will be astonished at how quickly your voice improves.

** DEVELOP YOUR VOCAL STYLE: Learn the songs you love in any genre you prefer and develop your own singing style.

** LEARN HOW TO PERFORM ON STAGE: Learn how to use a microphone, move on stage, deal with performance nerves and captivate an audience.

Some outstanding optional services include:

** IN-STUDIO PERFORMANCES: Push through performance nerves by doing short performances here in the studio for your tutor, friends and family.

** The ‘ONE HIT WONDER’: Learn to sing and perform a single song for a special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday.

** The 'AUDITION SET': Learn 3 songs: a ballad, an up-tempo piece, and "something different". This set can be used for auditions, talent quests, short demos, YouTube videos... etc.

** The ’PROFESSIONAL SET': Develop a 40 minute set list so you can start gigging ASAP (approx. 10 songs).

RECORD A DEMO: Prepare 1-3 songs for a professional demo. (Additional costs apply)

** IMAGE DEVELOPMENT: Discuss and experiment with your stage image; including hair, make-up, wardrobe, genre and performance style choices.

RECORD A YOUTUBE VIDEO: Get yourself online and let the world know about your talent! (Additional costs apply)

MELODIQUE piano lessons can help you:





** LEARN TO PLAY AS AN ACCOMPANIMENT: Use your newfound piano skills to accompany yourself, another vocalist, or play in an ensemble.


Multiple bookings are automatically discounted and even further discounts are available to groups and families. If you're looking for gift ideas, gift vouchers are also available. If it is too far to travel, lessons can be conducted via Skype!

All MELODIQUE tutors are trained, educated, and experienced in both teaching and performance. It is a requirement of any employee at MELODIQUE to have their NSW 'Working with Children Check'. Our tutors play/sing regularly, understand the stage, and can give you genuine useful advice regarding tackling new songs, performance nerves and how to advance in the industry as an artist. We understand how the body operates physically and give you practical tools and exercises to transform your voice or your playing in weeks. Start from scratch or advance your current skills to a professional level. Remember, children, adults, beginners and advanced students are all welcome!


ABN: 67 572 854 757

Details last updated on January 20, 2017