Aural Training

Group Size Individual Tuition
Styles All
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 10 to 75 years
Pricing $35 per 30 min, $45 per 45 min, $55 per 60 min (pay as you go, no lock in term contracts)

I aim to maximise your learning, progress and retention and equally importantly, instil a love for music in all its forms. I am committed to supporting high quality music making, learning and development.

Training your ears to be able to critically analyse the music you hear will allow you to enjoy and appreciate music on a whole new level. It will also allow you to improve your intonation, and generally become a more sensitive musician, with the ability to more successfully perform within an ensemble.

My lessons will be individually tailored to your needs. Generally we will focus on:
-Chord recognition (maj, min, dim, dom7, half diminished, full diminished, augmented)
-Pitch (recognising higher or lower pitch, singing one part, etc.)
-Rhythmic transcription
-Melodic transcription

I can help prepare secondary students for their exams, as well as provide general aural skill practice for secondary and university students who want to supplement their learning.

Lesson durations that I offer are: 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

Lessons are provided on a one to one basis. For steady progress and maximum retention of content, a lesson once a week is recommended.

Modern House With A Purple Door
25 Pine Avenue
Camberwell, VIC
0401 159 779

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Details last updated on April 5, 2018