I was Michelle student for 5 years. I remember that before I was with her, I always had sore throat and I did not have projection or vibrato. Since I started taking lessons with her I had never had any problem with my voice ever again, my vibrato got better and my projection is very powerful now. Michelle is basically the teacher that has taught me everything I know about singing and she taught me the technique that was right for me. After five years of being with her, I had to move to another country. So, I could not continue with her. However, I still use her technique and my voice is still good without any problems. She is the best singing teacher that I have ever had and I am so grateful that I could be her student. I wish her the best in the world!

- Maria Sardá - Barcelona Spain

I’ve just started with Michelle and have already learnt so much!!! She is warm & caring, listens & tailors the lesson to my needs. I instantly got results from her vast knowledge and experience base! I’ve got my passion back!! Thanks Michelle Francis Cook

- Helen Ling - Melbourne Australia

I have worked with Michelle for a few years and in that time my voice has flourished. She has taught me so much - Michelle is the "real deal." Everyone tells me my singing has improved massively and I feel much more confident. Plus she's kind and fun. Thank you Michelle!

- Sherry Blackford (USA) in Barcelona, Spain

Michelle is not only a wonderful opera singer and colleague, but also a really enthusiastic singing teacher who sets a unique rapport with her students. Enjoy her knowledge and expertise!!

- Maria-Neus Devesa Repertoire Coach and pianist (Trinity College UK)

Michelle Francis Cook was my very first singing teacher, I had lessons with her for two years and learnt so much! She is as great a singer as she is a teacher. It is rare to find someone who’s knowledge of music and vocal control is both so in depth and diverse. The lessons with her were completely personalised to my needs, aims and interests and I would 100% recommend her both to beginners and professionals.

- Anna Bogomolova - Barcelona, Spain

I have been working with Michelle for a month and my voice has improved 5 fold in just 4 weeks! She is incredible! I can't help but boast about her to all my friends and family - whether they are singers or not! I am truly blessed to be working with her and hope to continue to work with her throughout the rest of my career!! Grazie Bella!!

- Shauntai Batzke - Melbourne Australia