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Michelle's Piano Studio

General Details

Michelle’s Piano Studio is a family run business which caters for learners of all ages. We offer private lessons in the pianoforte by qualified and friendly teachers. The studio is furnished with Alex Steinbach pianos, with a personal and relaxed environment. Every person who learns here is important to us, and we care about you or your child’s music education and future.

The studio currently also offers violin lessons, musicianship and theory small group classes at competitive prices. Glee Club for young singers & a Music Explorers program for 3-5 years are great programs to introduce your child to Music.

We are also conveniently located on Beamish St, in Campsie.

Book now for a trial lesson on 8084 4179 and start learning the piano now!


1. Q: I’ve been on YouTube and listened to a few videos on how to play the piano. Why can’t I just do that? And it’s free!!

A: The same way you will never be a ballet dancer or a violinst by listening to instructions on Youtube. Youtube is supposed to enhance, or supplement, instrumental lessons. However, videos won’t correct your technique if it’s wrong. Videos won’t be able to see how you play and tell you how to make it better. If you want to be a competent pianist, you need to take instruction from one, the same way if you want to be a competent anything.

If you wanted to learn just one tune, I suppose YouTubing and following that video’s intructions would enable you to play that tune (but probably not very well). Youtube DIY instruction videos are great, but don’t work for instrumental tuition. If you don’t believe me…try it yourself.

2. Why private lessons? Why not group lessons?

Private lessons save time and money in the future. They also give you or your child a solid foundation in music in general. A private teacher picks up errors and ensures correct technique from Day 1. Are you going to get that in a group class? No. Have you enrolled your son or daughter into a keyboard class, and found, while they have had a lot of ‘fun’, did not really learn anything? I don’t doubt that at all. I’ve taught keyboard classes at studios and schools before, and it’s not possible to keep an eye on everyone at once. Group classes also teach a syllabus, not an individual. If your child is a quick learner, a keyboard or group class will not enable them to excel.

FInally, at some point with learning piano or keyboard, if your child is really showing a deeper interest, you are going to have to enrol them for private lessons. Concert pianists don’t become concert pianists through keyboard classes. If you are interested in your child sitting piano exams, they will also need private lessons.

3. Q: Do I need to have a piano at home?
A: Not when you have just started. You can invest in a good keyboard with weighted keys. This is a cheaper option and can also be a lot of fun for a child, with different controls to change the sound of the keys.

4. Q: What are piano exams?
A: Piano exams are conducted twice a year. At the studio, we go through an organisation known as the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board).
The AMEB is based at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney.

Students take roughly a year to prepare for the exam, and the content is taught by the teacher in accordance with the AMEB Music Syllabus. There are 8 Grades, plus Preliminary. Each grade requires technical work to be prepared, as well as listed pieces, which can be chosen. Sight Reading, General Knowledge, and Aural Tests are also to be prepared.

These details were last updated on January 22, 2018