Mike Quigley

Hi, my name is Mike Quigley.
Thanks for taking a look at my profile.

I'm an experienced professional drummer, schooled in jazz and with many years experience in various areas of contemporary music including indie rock, metal, ska, as well as popular styles such as soul, funk, blues and mainstream popular music. I have extensive recording experience in a wide range of contemporary styles, as well as years of experience in various kinds of bands. In recent years I have also developed a personal interest in post-rock and modern progressive rock.

I also have extensive teaching experience - both privately and in group settings. I currently teach at the Acadamy Of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Surry Hills, and taught at the Australian Institute Of Music in Surry Hills from 2011 to 2016.
I'm very excited to be moving to a new home/workspace in Stanmore, where I can 'reboot' my private teaching practice. I love private teaching because it allows students and myself total freedom to explore music and drumming without being concerned with impending exams or a specific curriculum.

I'm interested in exploring the music that inspires you most, and helping you enjoy your personal experience of music to the fullest. I encourage students to create their personal 'playlist', and use the music that appeals to you as a vehicle to better understand fundamental concepts of drumming and music making, while developing listening skills, technique, co-ordination, and a better understanding of music theory and notation - all applied to the music you want to play.

This personal approach can be balanced with study of repertoire you need to work on for your school or community band commitments.

I look forward to meeting students of varying ages, experience levels, and musical tastes - Please get in touch if you think this approach might work for you.

Thanks again for reading,
Mike Quigley.

258 Parramatta Road
Stanmore, NSW


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