Miller's Music Improvisation Training

Styles Hi! My name is Luke and I run Miller's music school from home, which is located in the Diamond Creek Area. I’m here to offer my music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. The instruments I'm currently offering are guitar, bass, ukulele and beginner piano. If you're studying VCE music and need help with music theory, I can help! I myself have been playing guitar for 12 years and have a total of 9 years teaching experience. Over the years I’ve taught in various studios and schools in the local area. I currently hold 3 qualifications in music performance. Studying music has provided me the opportunity to play all different styles of music such as Jazz, Funk, Folk, Pop, Rock, Fusion, traditional Indian music and many more. Miller's Music provides a fun and relax environment for students to learn in. I ensure that the lessons are tailored to the students needs/interests, making the dreaded practice fun and enjoyable. I always tell my students that anyone can play an instrument, it just takes a little daily persistence! For any inquiries, feel free to call or email!
Skill Level Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, Metal, Folk, Pop, Fusion, Classical
Suitability Ages 5 to 99 years
Pricing $30.00 for half an hour or $50.00 for the hour

•Fully qualified instrumental teacher ( Cert IV, Ad Dip and Bachelors degree of music performance)

•Lessons are tailored to students interests

•Fun and relaxed environment

•All ages and skill levels welcome

•All Styles

•Guitar, bass, piano and ukulele lessons available

•Music theory lessons

•VCE music tutoring

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44 David Hockney Drive
Diamond Creek, VIC
0433 622 285

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Details last updated on July 9, 2018