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General Details

At MiniMusik, we’re passionate about children making music together – with each other, and with you. Music has been proven to stimulate every aspect of development in young children, plus music makes learning fun! In our Music & Movement classes, children are encouraged to explore, express and discover, without pressure to perform. Your child will sing, dance, play instruments, jam and improvise, and together you will laugh and love in a lovely musical community setting.

Our approach strives for all children to become tuneful, beatful and artful through research-based and developmentally-appropriate holistic musical activities. The joy and delight we all share in class is also an important part of the community spirit we build together, and play-based learning is a vital educational element.

The songs and rhymes we use not only invite musical development and appreciation, but also importantly reflect natural melodic expressiveness, natural flow of language, and lyrics filled with wonder. The authentic affection, innocence, and wonder of these songs and rhymes have the potential to plant the seeds of lifelong sensitivity and imagination.

Try our MiniPack – which includes 2 introductory classes for the price of 1 – and enjoy a weekly activity with your child where you can Play, Dance, Sing, Laugh & Love!

These details were last updated on August 15, 2016