• Bachelor Fine Arts (Musical Theatre) WAAPA
  • Cert III Music
  • ShowFit
  • VCE perfect score 50 + Premier's VCE Award recipient
  • HowardFine Acting

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After running a successful singing studio in Perth for many years, Elise is now in Melbourne to open Muley Vocal Coaching in the heart of Melbourne! No matter what level, from absolute beginners who have been told they can’t sing at all to seasoned professionals, Muley Vocal coaching caters to everyone.

Your lesson is specifically designed to you and where your voice journey is at. It's my job to teach you how to teach yourself, so you do not have to rely on singing lessons not for the rest of your singing life! If you are taught right for your unique voice, I believe that you shouldn't need to see a singing teacher every week for the rest of your singing life. This is my goal!
So the Lesson: I specialize in vocal coaching that looks at both the technical side and the overall performance of singing and voice. Starting with leaning the correct vocal technique, I ensure my students can not only execute safe technique, but also have a great understanding of vocal technique and how it works best for there voice. Most importantly, we work together from a holistic approach to free your voice.

  • Your lesson is specifically designed to YOU baby!
  • Every step of the way you are told what you are doing and WHY.
  • No question is crazy or stupid. Freely ask any questions without feeling like an idiot.
  • Muley Voice studio Is a safe environment, where you can you try new things and be vulnerable with out worry.
  • Mistakes are golden
  • Walk away with your own detailed plan of action. An extensive amount of exercises and tricks and tips to choose from, when creating your super voice tool kit. Never worry about what warm up exercise to sing again.
  • Believing that you are enough and have everything you need already inside of you. Just need someone there to help you access it.

I also provide an intensive program over 8 weeks specifically detained for performers who are preparing for a performance. Depending on time frames, I often advise my students to sign up for the 8 week Vocal Pillars pack. My current students prefer working for this extended period as they are more prepared and at ease to ACE there Performance. This 8 week Value pack is advised for newbies. I always remind my students, It takes a few weeks for your voice and mind to adjust to the new techniques you are implementing. all of my students have what I call the magic lesson around week 4 when everything starts to click and epic change occurs- Now things get exciting! These are especially useful for artists working with timelines or on goal based projects such as VET Music, VCE performance exams, singing competitions. I specialise in preparing students for university auditions such as; WAAPA, VCA, NIDA, Showfit, APO, Griffith etc.

You will walk away from your initial consultation with a folder containing your own progress plan, designed around your personal goals and the steps we need to take to achieve these goals, all based around a time line professionally advised by your coach.

For NEW students I offer a FREE initial consult with me!


South Yarra, VIC
0439 574 400
Melbourne, VIC
Toorak, VIC


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