Learn piano/keyboard in the comfort of your own home — when it suits you — with Musiah A.I. Piano Lessons online.

Musiah is the world's first Artificially Intelligent Virtual Piano Teacher.

He understands your every move and responds to your piano playing just like a traditional teacher, so you'll feel like you have a live piano teacher sitting next to you giving you continual guidance and feedback as you learn how to play the piano in a very natural way.

Research shows that students learning piano with Musiah learn up to 16 times faster than students learning the same piano pieces with traditional piano teachers and they have a lot more fun doing it.

Musiah caters for beginners through to quite advanced piano students (around Grade 5-6 standard of piano playing).

Musiah is great value. There are no contracts so you're not locked in for any particular term, and discounted rates are available if you pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Begin lessons using a MIDI piano keyboard OR you can set up your computer keyboard to play piano notes.

Infinitely patient, always encouraging…Musiah is the ultimate piano teacher.

Why not take our Musiah Piano Lessons 14 DAY FREE Trial right now. Simply visit the Musiah website and click "Try Free".

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