Music School by Mark Joe Hope

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Singing, Saxophone, Ukulele,
Student Rock Bands - Guitar Ensemble
Regular Student Concerts with our 11 Bands and individual student performances

Individual tuition with experienced friendly teachers using latest computer based teaching aids.
MarkJoeHope Music is an established business and was founded by Mark in 1993. Mark has been a dedicated music teacher for over 25 years. He has had the pleasure of teaching all age groups and ensures teacher’s skills match each individual student’s needs.
• All ages at all levels
• All styles
• Computers in each room with access to the latest songs or sheet music
• All rooms are air conditioned
• AMEB exams - Internal guitar Exams for beginners
Approved by the Commission for Children and Young People

Kirsti Doessel:
“We had various experiences before finding Marks studio, now, thanks to the wonderful teachers, my boys love their lessons and have real enthusiasm for guitar. The flexibility and value suit me too!”
David and Page Weitkus:
"Mark's great at simplifying songs for the beginner, meaning my daughter and I are learning the guitar having fun playing songs we want to play"

Maria Marentes:
“My boys are truly inspired and motivated by the dedicated, enthusiastic guitar teachers at the studio.”
Pavle Banovic:
“Mark is a great teacher of all styles. Over the years I have learned to read music and have gotten into classical, jazz and rock pieces.”
Martin Hood:
“I really look forward to my lessons each week with Mark. He makes me feel comfortable and I am enjoying playing songs by my favourite artists such as Paul Weller.”
Igor Djakovic:
“I have learned how to play lots of great rock guitar solos with Mark. I am finally understanding and using modes and arpeggios in my improvisations.”
Paul Cairncross:
“I am finally playing music by my favourite artists Deke Dickerson and Django Reinhardt.”
Sam McCall:
“Lessons with Mark have greatly improved my slapping and popping techniques. As a bass player this is something I have always wanted to be able to do”.

747 Logan Rd
Greenslopes, QLD
Contact Mark Hope
0418 981 704


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