Musical Keys Piano School

Quality classes:
You can learn 3x faster and clearer than other standard piano lessons. It’s how we help you to learn and practise…(so you are really saving a lot in tuition fee and time)

Unique Piano Lessons:
Extensive knowledge and skills to help you with:

  1. Reading 2 lines of piano music & Playing them with Fast, Efficient Ease!

  2. A lesson with us could cover other school’s 3 lessons’ contents…BUT it’s easier and enjoyable to practise!

  3. Qualified teacher with cutting edge, well-researched teaching approach: highly skilled teacher who uses the best teaching ideas from Europe, North America and Japan’s piano masterclasses

Your Teacher:

*Qualified teacher with university degrees (specialising in Piano Performance) and AmusA (AMEB)-Performance Diploma. Your teacher also works as an accompanist for exam and auditions as a professional accompanist.

Classical, Jazz, Blues, Improvisation, Composition,

We teach:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced: HSC Music, AmusA

Ages 3 years and up.

Pacific Highway
Chatswood, NSW
Yeo St
Neutral Bay, NSW
Also travelling in the local area


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Details last updated: August 15, 2023