Musical Keys Piano School

Classes: Better Quality, Well-rounded contents+ Quality acoustic pianos. We combine the best, effective and enjoyable learning approaches to give you and your child a brighter, better start in piano & music theory.

+You can't take your piano to performances and or exams so if you want to PLAY PIANO with CONFIDENCE: YOU'll need to learn HOW TO ADAPT TO THE PIANO that you have on the day (different weighted keys, uprights or grand pianos…)

Teachers who go to your home are often minimally trained diploma qualified ‘teachers’: a student themselves without much teaching strategies and insights, who gives free trial class. After all if they are well-trained and confident in their skills and knowledge why would they offer their time and ‘expertise’ for so little of value).

There are countless students who due to lack of experience with quality pianos and average to below average foundations had to spend more time and tuitions fees later on to fix their learning deficiencies…don’t be one of them!!

Spending tuition fees and precious time to get below average learning experiences.

Learn from quality classes with quality Japanese made acoustic pianos now! You are worth it!

Your TIME and POTENTIAL is worth it.

+QUALITY acoustic/wood pianos help you develop better touch on the keys—>create good tone/sound.

Quality classes: You can learn 3x faster and clearer than other standard piano lessons. it's how we help you to learn and practise...(so you are really saving a lot in tuition fee and time ;) )

Play Classical, Jazz & Blues in your FIRST LESSONS!
Sydney Opera House Performance Opportunities...

+We help you grasp complicated playing skills & knowledge with ease.

Your teacher regularly update and fine tune their teaching practises and uses the best, well-researched teaching approaches from Europe, North America and Japan.

*Bachelor of Music (Specialising in Piano Performance), AmusA (AMEB)-Performance Diploma, your teacher also regularly accompanies AMEB exams and auditions as a professional accompanist.

**Your teacher also hold a Master degree in Applied Health Science-extensive knowledge of human anatomy to help you not injure your arms and hands while improving your performance/playing techniques so that you can play beautiful sounding music!

Your teacher also accompanies AMEB exams (flute, cello, violin, trumpet, saxophone etc...), regularly participate in masterclasses by (e.g American pianist Jonathan Biss, Sydney Conservatorium's Dr. K. Monorosi, Gerard Willems, German Prof. Christian Muller and the accompanist Karen Neumann) & playing in Chamber groups.

Experience the difference :) We can work together to nurture and encourage your innate musicality.

You can learn 3x faster than other standard piano lessons. it's how we help you to learn and practise:

Private Lessons available, please contact us to find out more.

Shared Lessons (2 students in 1 class):
30 mins: $25/student
60 mins: $45/student
90mins: $60/student

Also available: Music Theory Lessons, Composition and Song Writing Classes. Music Craft.

Students have the choice (optional) to sit for AMEB Exams & AMEB Theory Exams and Other enrichment programs at the Sydney Opera House.

or 0450 971 388, also can text 0450 971 388

Pacific Highway
Chatswood, NSW
0450 971 388
Yeo St
Neutral Bay, NSW
Also travelling in the local area


Details last updated on June 30, 2021