Musical Kite String - Inspiring Musicians and for those that love to sing!

At Musical Kite String we aim to inspire musicians!

The school offers a Singing & Piano Lessons in an informal environment with an emphasis on fun, confidence building and technical skill training. This includes the requirements for AMEB examinations, providing students with an opportunity to train towards accreditation

Lessons are tailored ranging for pre-schoolers to mature age students. It is never to late or early to discover and develop your talent.

Subsequently concerts and performance opportunities available to allow students to showcase their hard work and efforts in front of family and friends. The aim of the evenings are to incorporate much fun, entertainment and crowd participation.

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Here is what some of Sarah's students have to say:

Elle (10 yro) - I think I have done well with my singing this year and have had fun with Miss Sarah. I've improved my high notes and can now reach high C. My breath has also improved. I can now hold my break for a long period of time and project my voice loudly. Singing relaxes me and cheers me up!

Emma and Elise (piano): Emma, believes this has been her best year by far, receiving a B+ on her first AMEB piano exam. I have really enjoyed my lessons! Thank you!!

Elise, "This year has been really fun with my new teacher Miss Sarah and I am very proud to receive a B+ on my piano exam! I've really enjoyed practicing and love playing the piano!"

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