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Hi! It’s Naomi Ryde, I’m a music educator and musician from Sydney, Australia and welcome to my 1 on 1, LIVE online piano lessons!

I’ve been working as a piano teacher for about 20 years now, and I’ve been involved in so many aspects of it; from preparing students for AMEB examinations, to Eisteddfods, to community performances and auditions. I’ve also been a regular performer in a variety of bands in Sydney.

We all love listening to music, being creative people and want to be able to join the school concert bands and feel accomplished musically. My lessons will give your child the structure and the guidance and the support that they need to have an amazing, music-filled experience learning tools and techniques that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

My piano lessons are intensive weekly 60 minute lessons, all year round, that take students from beginner to seasoned professional in no time. I work with each student to put in place their bigger goals for success then guide every student to achieving smaller goals along the way.

My online weekly piano lessons will set your children up for success by ensuring they know HOW to practise, HOW often, and HOW long to practise between lessons for THEIR skills to grow.

I’ll prepare your child for AMEB classical examinations or AMEB Piano for Leisure examinations including jazz, pop, rock and classical. They’ll learn to be the best pianist they can be through learning to play a broad variety of piano pieces and it won’t just be all about exams. I’ll also guide your child through learning their favourite songs as well.

We’ll cover Piano keyboard recognition, Music notation recognition, Understanding of rhythm, Finger and hand technique, phrasing, expressive techniques, music style and flair, scales and arpeggios, music theory and sight reading plus develop their ear for aural success.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your child and to seeing them progress and enjoy their piano learning journey.

Book now for my weekly lessons with me, Naomi Ryde.

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