Online Lessons - Cajon, Congas, Percussion

Styles Latin Music, Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Bossa Nova, Pop, Folk, World Music
Skill Level Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, All Ages
Suitability Ages 7 to 107 years
Pricing Available for Online Lessons Only

Nasrine is a highly experienced professional percussionist specialising in Cajon and Congas.

I am happy to take on people of all ages and playing levels. I have experience with students from 7 to 77 years old!!

Starting with basic technique, correct posture and attention to tone (the quality of the sounds be are producing from the instrument, I like to then go straight into simple exercises for developing good time, fluidity and speed and then simple rhythms so we can quickly enjoying playing along to music and immersing ourselves in the right cultural context for what we are learning.

For more advanced students with prior experience on a percussion instrument, we will examine the rhythmic subdivisions and types of phrasing unique to this new style of music/instrument. We will quickly progress from basic technique and rhythms to advanced technique and rhythms as well as phrasing and tips for soloing.

At the end of each lesson, I will send each student a short video with all the material we have covered in the lesson so they can use that for reference when practicing. I will also send them a link to a song which has a good example of the rhythm we were working on and a playlist with a wide selection of artists in that genre.

My objective is to share my joy and love for percussion with others who are keen to take up an instrument, and to guide them in developing an effective and and healthy practice routine supported by musical references for each rhythm and style we are working on at the time.

Testimonials from Private Students:

"I am met with a woman who works with the rigor of a Spartan, but also with the sweetness of Cuban sugar. I think it's the first time I have studied flamenco percussion with such seriousness, and in exchange, I'm having a great time and progressing like never before. Thank you, Nasrine. You are a treasure.” - Andrés, Barcelona.

"I love studying with Nasrine! Classes go at my own pace. She explains everything with clarity and patience, and I'm learning a lot. She is also super nice as a teacher. I feel like I'm in very good hands and I can see this in how I'm progressing! ” - Michelle, USA.

“I've been having classes for a month with Nasrine, and I really couldn't be MORE happy. Her way of teaching is really incredible. I am progressing daily with each class! It is a real luxury to learn from her!” - Carlos Manuel, Ecuador.

Live performance videos:

45 minutes $60
60 minutes $70

Payment via Paypal or Direct Deposit
Video call via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

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