Natasha Lin

  • Master of Music (First - class Hon.)
  • B.A/Mus (First-class Hon.)
  • L.Mus.A.
  • A.Mus.A. (Dist.)

Natasha has had more than 10 years of teaching experience, with the privilege of sharing her love for music with students across a wide range of age groups. Her unique approach to inspire and motivate students from different music backgrounds has seen them achieve their goals, from numerous awards won in competitions, high achieving grades in exams or a personal goal to attain the best and most enjoyable level of playing for the student. Natasha is also known for enriching and renewing the passion for music for students with prior negative piano lesson experiences. She now offers home-visit lessons only. Please contact only for serious students with a serious passion for music.

Brunswick West, VIC
0424 327 430
Brunswick, VIC
0424 327 430


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