Natasha's Piano Studio

  • A.Mus.A.
  • M.M.T.A.

I am a fully qualified and accredited piano teacher, located in Strathfield, where I have taught many students for over 30 years.

I am of Russian background and speak and write in fluent Russian.
I commenced my piano studies at the age of four. I have been trained by the original Russian Piano School, At the age of 6, I came to Australia and successfully auditioned for the Maria Metaxas Piano School, a prestigious piano studio, well known in the music world.

Throughout my music studies, I regularly performed at various Eisteddfords, as well as the annual Metaxas Piano Recital, held in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music as well as the 2UW Theatrette in the city.

I graduated to receive my diploma - the Associate of Music, Australia (A.Mus.A.) diploma when I was 17 years of age.
Following this, I performed in various venues, including the then well known television talent show "Holden Showcase".

I also travelled to America in 1976 to perform in the Russian Music Festival in San Francisco.

On returning to Australia, I opened my own studio, now known as Natasha's Piano Studio and have had the pleasure of teaching students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. I am proud to say, that throughout the years, all my students have been very successful, both those who sat for the AMEB examinations, achieving excellent results consistently, as well as those who chose not to sit for examinations, who also reached a very high level of musical ability and a development of their own repertoire.

I have always believed in making my lessons enjoyable and consequently built up a wonderful rapport with all of my students. This, I believe has been a great contributor to the success of my students. I offer the combination of the genuine Russian training from the age of 4, along with many years of knowledge of the regulations of music education in Australia, the AMEB. This results in true success.

I continue to welcome students of all ages, levels and interests to my studio.

68 Wallis Avenue
Strathfield, NSW
Concord, NSW
Burwood, NSW
Rose Bay, NSW
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