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Neil Buckley

  • Dip Teach Music

Blues Harp / Harmonica
I have played and taught music on and off all my life … Trumpet, Sax, Harmonica and Piano. One thing ai learned is that the most fun you can have is when you can play along with others.

I now only teach harmonica (and some keyboard) to those who want to learn to have fun, play a few songs, or perhaps jam with others.

What I mainly teach is for you to be able to play blues harp with guitarists jamming in a key – so NO laborious learning songs bar by bar!

I will teach you enough theory to understand what’s gping on, but the focus is on getting you playing ASAP, so you can have fun jamming with friends.

If you have learnt music in the past, that can be a bonus, but it doesn’t matter if you come with no knowledge at all – all you need is enthusiasm! ... And a blues harp. And time to do some practice!!

I teach daytime … Wednesdays or Saturday afternoon at my house in Narrabeen

15 Island Parade
North Narrabeen, NSW
0400 027 173


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